Flit token
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Flit Token is a virtual currency supported by the Etheurum Blockchain, which is the largest currency in the world and fast, safe to care about will drive wealth by Etheurum tec.

Flit is evolution of world currencies. Brings a very large domain to freedom of money using strong cryptography to secure financial transactions.

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Why Flit?

Flit Token will provide a mobile wallet “Flit-Wallet” for users to easily and safely store their digital assets.

Flit-Wallet also offer fee-less transaction over Flit network. Its using a centralize server to fetch user balance, transaction, sign and in near future fiat transfer facilities with support of various partners like; VISA, MasterCard, Payeer, PerfectMoney etc.

Users can interact with DApps on browsers and in the future many more devices, while still keeping their keys secure in their mobile wallet.

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Flit Wallet

The safest and most popular wallet for investing and storing cryptocurrencies

We support leading crypto protocols and cryptocurrencies (ETH, BTC, XRP, TRX, XLM, BNB others)

Rest easy knowing your crypto is secured with the world’s most trusted crypto wallet. We give you full control, back up your funds, and protect them from unauthorized access

Cross-chain technology to connect all blockchains Flit token will provide a mobile wallet “Flit-Wallet” for users to easily and safely store their digital assets. Flit-Wallet will be created firstly for Android users followed by IOS.

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Payment Gateway

Integrate Flit Network Payments on your DApps with a few simple steps. Settle payments on-chain whenever needed.

Payment transactions on Flit Network can be confirmed in sub-seconds due to faster block generation times while incurring significantly lower fees. Make payments smoother and friction-free for users on your DApps.

Flit Network provides payment APIs/SDKs for DApps, merchant, and users to instantly accept or pay in crypto assets like ERC20 tokens, ETH, and others

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Flit Exchange is the first exchange to employ MPC (Multi party computing). This technology has been exhaustively trialled and tested and rolled out globally (with the exception of Japan where 100% cold wallet storage is still in force in order to remain compliant in that jurisdiction).

Flit Exchange appears to be ultra confident of its security so doesn’t provide insurance for user funds, unlike Binance, so if that hack does occur at some point it’s the old adage of keep your funds off exchanges as much as you can

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Bazaar Online Shopping

FlitBazaar is a different way to do online commerce. It’s a peer to peer application that doesn’t require middlemen, which means no fees & no restrictions.

FlitBazaar connects people directly via a peer to peer network. Data is distributed across the network instead of storing it in a central database

FlitBazaar isn’t a company nor an organization; it’s free open source software. It was built to provide everyone with the ability to buy and sell freely.

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Flit Features

atomic swaps Atomic Swaps

Flit Network will allow users to pay with any crypto token they prefer and receiver will receive payment in assets they prefer.

securing personal data Securing Personal Data

Scalability blockchain platform which provides secure, scalable and instant transactions powered by PoS side chains and Flit Network.

identify Identity

Decentralized apps need a way to sign transactions, but that must happen without submitting private keys on each DApp.

exchange features Exchange Feature

Trade using limit order, market order, stop-loss, take-profit, and settle position functions over a variety of crypto exchanges.

high throughput High Throughput

Can scale to millions of transactions on a sidechain tree architecture. Upto 65k transactions/second on a single Flit Network.

stacking Staking

Proof-of-Stake (PoS) is one such consensus mechanism that can come in different variations and hybrid models.

Toolkit for Developer

Flit Network Core team hails from extremely strong backgrounds in Crypto currency (past experience), Finance, Economics, Marketing, and Development. Flit Network combines strong practices from all relevant realms to build out a truly world class and top-level crypto currency platform using Ethereum Blockchain.

Blockchain technology is set to change that but only if it is implemented in the most efficient and effective way. The cyber security and technology experts at Flit Network will draw on their experience to ensure we don’t make the same mistakes of the past and by doing so bring trust back into our world.

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I Khodal

Blockchain Expert

Ali Raza

Database Expert

Stiffany Yayaz

Project Manager

Colin Xu

Android Developer

Joni Rodito

Web Developer

M. Akbar Nugroho

Marketing Manager

Yana Bin Tasdik